Kate Hudson's C-Section Comment Got Blown Out of Proportion

The actress is getting slammed for saying that having a C-section was the laziest thing she ever did. 

Kate Hudson is the latest actress to come under fire for her thoughts on something related to motherhood. The actress is currently featured on the cover of the October issue of Cosmopolitan, and inside, the magazine published a questionnaire she filled out using prompts like: "The last photo I took on my phone," "What I do to de-stress," and "The laziest thing I've ever done".

It was Hudson's response to the last question—"Have a C-section!"—that fired up the haters, who quickly took to Twitter and the comment section of her Instagram feed to express their outrage.

"You need to be more cognizant of how you speak about childbearing," wrote one. "May be a funny inside joke to you but considering how intelligent you are I figured you'd have more class."

"I thought of you as a brilliant trailblazer and now I'm just without words that you used your platform to announce your c-section was 'lazy'," added another. "I'm sad for you on your viewpoint on this issue."

And from a third: "The laziest thing you've ever done is answering that question without giving it even a second thought."


Now I don't know Kate Hudson personally so I can't say for sure, but she's always seemed like such a happy, free-spirited mama to me, the type who would refrain from judging other parents and instead be all "you do you!. Which is why I'm pretty sure she meant no harm with her response. I will admit that at first glance, the comment does appear to be a little tone-deaf. But let me give you some backstory here for a minute. See, Hudson has two sons, 13-year-old Ryder (born via C-section) and 6-year-old Bingham (born via VBAC).

And in the past, the actress has admitted that her original plan for Ryder was to get induced because he was so big. But when her hips weren't opening and she wasn't dilating even though her contractions were 2 to 5 minutes apart, it became pretty clear that it was all not happening and her doctor told her she could go home.

"It was such a pain in the butt to get to hospital because we were being stalked by photographers," she explained. "We went in at midnight and I was like: 'I am not going home. I just don't want to do this again. Let's just have a C-section.' And so I got drugged up."

Kind of gives you the insight into why she called it "lazy," right?

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I truly don't think Hudson was saying that C-sections in general are lazy or that women who have them are lazy—she was simply getting real about the fact that she still harbors some lingering mom-guilt from the decision she made during her own labor and delivery experience. So let's all cut her some slack now, OK? Because every mom is entitled to her own birthing story, and I think it was pretty brave of this mama to come clean about the way she feels about hers.

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