By Alesandra Dubin

We have a showdown, people. A vagina cake showdown.

You may recall that Christina Aguilera had a rather raunchy anatomical cake at her baby shower this summer. (Who could forget?) And now, we have new photographic evidence of not one but two vagina cakes from former Jersey Shore star JWoww's baby shower, thanks to pal Snooki!

Snooki, who also just welcomed a new babe, was responsible for making the cakes—and tweeting out photos of them. In the pics, one cake features a full-size naked Barbie doll in a splits position, with a head emerging from the area where the vagina would be if Barbies had vaginas. The icing lettering spells out "Push Jenni Push!!!"

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The second cake was, shall we say, a bit more graphic, with a baby doll head springing bright eyed and headband clad from what appears to be a close-up look at lady parts rendered in pink frosting and chocolate sprinkles (see photo, above).

Just to refresh, Xtina's cake was decorated with the image of a woman giving birth on a rug, explicitly showing the baby's head emerging from you-know-where, with the words "Push Xtina, push!"

Obviously -- and much to my chagrin -- this vagina cake trend for baby showers shows no sign of slowing down.

So weigh in: Which celeb's cake took the cake?

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Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/Snooki



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