Valspar Habitat For Humanity

If Josh Duhamel had it his way, he'd want wife Fergie to be pregnant all of the time! "I'm going to miss seeing her walking around the house pregnant," he told Access Hollywood. "It's been a really, really great experience and hopefully she'll wanna do it again soon."

Fergie is reportedly due any day now with a boy, which Josh seemed to spill on the fly on an episode of LIVE with Kelly and Michael, but he revealed to me it wasn't as spontaneous as it looked. "I had to get full permission from my wife first!" he explains. The two, who are in major nesting mode, have the nursery, baby gear and clothes all ready for their little man—mostly thanks to the three baby showers Fergie has had.

While they're saving their baby's name as a secret (they're not even telling their parents, because they don't want anyone else's opinion!), Josh will say that it's a traditional name rather than a spoofable one, like North West or Apple Martin.

Now, with baby on the way, Josh is more focused than ever on making a difference by giving back. I caught up with him as he was announcing the kickoff to the Valspar Hearts and Hands for Habitat Campaign, which auctions off celebrity handprints in colorful Valspar paint to raise money for Habitat for Humanity's Disaster Response program that's currently serving areas like New York, Oklahoma and Texas. Here's what he said during our exclusive (though brief!) Q&A:

Has Fergie been singing to the baby a lot?Yes! We play him music too. It's funny to see how active he is [inside her belly]–I think we're going to have our hands full. He's going to be an active kid, but that's good, that's what we want. They say that the more you communicate from outside while he's still in the womb, the more advanced he'll be when he comes out, but who knows if any of that's true.

What's making you most nervous about becoming a dad?Until you've gone through it, you don't know what to expect. You try to be prepared and cover every base, but until you actually have it you don't know.  So I guess it's fear of the unknown.

What sorts of things are you looking forward to doing most with your son?I'm just so excited to meet him and hold him, and see what this little guy has been doing in there. I can't wait to show him off to my family and friends–even just taking him with me to breakfast in the morning. Everything that goes with being a parent is what I've always wanted to do.  It's going to be life-changing for sure.

Have you settled on a push present for Fergie yet?No, I should probably do that, huh?  But you know what, going through pregnancy and growing a baby...if there was ever a gift that a woman has earned, it's a push present! -------------------

What Josh wants you to know about his involvement with Valspar and Habitat for Humanity: "After what happened in my hometown in North Dakota in 2011, I can understand a lot better what some of these families are going through that were hit by disaster. Habitat has worked closely with low-income families to help them rebuild their lives–not just their homes, but their lives, and Valspar has donated all the paint for Habitat's builds. People can get involved with the Valspar Hearts and Hands for Habitat campaign by going on to the Valspar Facebook page and bidding on some of these canvases with the handprints donated by various celebrities, and all that money will go toward Habitat's Disaster Response Program.  Valspar not only donates all the paint for Habitat builds, but they will donate $1000 for every handprint auction contributed."

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Image of Josh Duhamel courtesy of Valspar Hearts and Hands for Habitat Campaign.