Jessica Alba Shares! What She Stressed About During Pregnancy 26741

Jessica Alba's non-toxic and family friendly product line, The Honest Company, launched at Target last week, with an in-store event in Los Angeles. At the fete, I grabbed a few minutes with the star and mom of two, to ask her about some of her biggest fears during her own pregnancies.

If you can believe this (and I barely could, as I sat stewing in my own late-stage pregnancy fears and insecurities), Jessica had to think good and hard about how to answer. "What did I stress about?" she mused. "I was actually more calm while I was pregnant. It was the only time I got to relax."

(She tried to recall a certain pregnancy hormone that keeps women calm through such an intense emotional and physical experience. Hmm, I'm at 35 weeks and I'm still waiting for such a thing to kick in!)

Jessica did specify some major factors that occupied her brain during her pregnancies with Honor and Haven. "I was all about [setting up] the nursery for both of them. And I was worried about trying to make everything perfect, and about sleep training, and about breastfeeding."

She added, "I was also worried about whether [my body] was all going to go back. And you know what? It doesn't."

I'm just going to state the obvious: If I end up with Jessica Alba's post-baby body after my own delivery, I'll call it a win. And meanwhile—here's hoping I can channel some of her pregnancy calm as well!

What did you freak out about during pregnancy?

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Jessica Alba photo courtesy of Getty Images for Target