The Honest co-founder and actress told Rachael Ray one funny, relatable reason that she's looking forward to welcoming a baby boy.


Jessica Alba couldn't sound more over-the-moon to welcome baby #3 soon. And she admitted on The Rachael Ray Show yesterday, Monday, October 30, that the whole family is pumped that it's a boy!

The actress and entrepreneur opened up about how her daughters Honor Marie, 9, and Haven Garner, 6, feel about having a baby brother on the way. “My 6-year-old, she was worried about being a middle child, but she gets to be a big sister and a little sister, so she’s stoked about that,” said Alba, 36. “And she doesn’t have to compete with another girl.”

Alba herself is pretty psyched for what it means to become a boy mom, as well. “For me … the girls love their dad [Cash Warren]. I wanted someone to love me more,” Alba joked. “When he comes home, they’re like, ‘Daddy!’ It’s like a party. When I come home, they’re like, ‘Oh, hey Mom.’ I’m like, ‘I do everything for you! I cook, I do all the things!’”

Too funny! Understandable that she'd be musing about having a mama's boy when Warren already has two daddy's girls! But let's be real: Once Haven and Honor's little bro arrives, there will be even more love to go around in the Alba-Warren household.

In the meantime, Alba took full advantage of her pregnancy this Halloween, dressing up as Juno from the movie of the same name, alongside her friend Kelly Sawyer who channeled Juno's best friend Paulie Bleeker.

So on-point! Can't wait for this expectant mama and her whole adorable crew to welcome their new bundle!