Jessica Alba after baby weight

At first when the person I worshipped as a pregnancy goddess—Jessica Alba—admitted to Net-A-Porter that she wore "a double corset day and night for three months" after her second daughter, Haven, was born (seemingly to disguise the baby weight), I was mad. Jessica's disclaimer about her modern-day torture device: "It's not for everyone." I certainly hope not! Unrealistic "role models" just make it that much tougher on the rest of us (and our egos!).

Then when I stopped and really thought about it, it just made me sad for her. Why on earth would a woman do something so excruciatingly painful? The answer is obvious: Jessica has insecurities just like the rest of us.

Admit it: Once you started gaining the baby weight—even though the sane you knew that it was all for a good reason (hello, you're nourishing a baby!)—you started to freak. Maybe not a lot, but at least a little. I know I did, and unfortunately I don't think I'm alone on this one. On a daily basis, women put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, like the beyond-beautiful, mom-of-two, Jessica Alba.

That pressure somehow seems to multiply when we're pregnant. We're worried about whether we'll be good moms, if we're eating all of the right foods, not forgetting to take our vitamins, working out even when we're having morning sickness morning, noon and night—and we want to look amazing while doing it. That's a lot to live up to! And don't forget we're completely emotional thanks to our raging hormones, so our Debbie Self-Doubter is in full effect!

As a celebrity, Jessica Alba has even more pressure on her to bounce back from baby weight gain in a flash. Paparazzi are photographing her every move. Tabloids make snarky comments and circle stars' cellulite on the covers of their magazines. And it's not just on the superficial front—if she doesn't lose the weight, her next job may be at risk. Imagine if your career success was just as dependent on your looks as your talent. You'd probably go to some extreme measures too. So we need to cut her some slack, and not jump onto our judgy high horses.

Ladies, let's make a pact to stop torturing ourselves—and each other (come on, give Kim Kardashian a break!)—over baby weight gain. It took nine months to put on the pounds, so we can't expect ourselves to magically lose it overnight. Pinky swear!

Tell us what you think: Are you surprised Jessica Alba would do something so extreme to look more fit post-pregnancy? Or have you done something equally-surprising to hide or lose the baby weight? Confess! Leave your comments below.

Image of Jessica Alba courtesy of Shutterstock.