Here’s how the reality star’s first and second home births compared.


I have to hand it to reality star Jessa Duggar Seewald. Because she was brave enough to attempt a home birth for a second time even after her first experience was, well, rough. Mamas are amazing in their resilience!

With her first son Spurgeon, not only did Seewald labor at home for two days, but she ended up in the hospital for extensive bleeding post-delivery.

Luckily, Seewald’s home birth went more smoothly this time around. According to People, the new mom-of-two used the same midwife and assistant as when she gave birth to now 15-month-old Spurgeon.

Seewald told the magazine she and her hubby Ben were “surprised how fast it went.” And mama Michelle Duggar and Seewald’s oldest sister Jana almost missed the main event! “They came at the very end. I was already pushing when they walked in the door,” Seewald said.

Now baby Henry Wilberforce is here, and both mom and baby are doing great!

In my experience, every time you give birth it gets easier. My first birth was also my longest, in large part because honestly, I had no idea how to push. But by the second and third times, I knew what I was doing, and my babies arrived rather quickly.

I did not attempt home births, to be fair. It’s something I’d like to try, but I’d be a little too nervous. That is why I seriously admire Jessa for overcoming whatever fears she may have had based on her first birth, and again, having the kind of birth she wanted, at home, surrounded by her family.

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