The pregnant actress's shower was interrupted by her son's playtime, and the whole scene was captured on Instagram.

By Libby Ryan
April 06, 2017

When you're pregnant with baby number two, you might not get the luxury of a quiet, relaxing shower like you did when you were expecting your first baby, as Jenny Mollen illustrated on Instagram.

The funny mama posed mid-scrub with her son, who's clearly adopted Mollen's bathtime as his new playtime.

"I really love this!! This is so motherhood! You never have a single quiet spot! Cutest picture ever!" one commentor wrote.

Others weren't quite as enthused, asking, "Why are you naked in front of your kid? He's going to be scared [sic] for life now."

Well, probably because busy moms have to shower sometime, whether or not the bathroom also becomes toddler territory. Plus, 3-year-old Sid's got sunglasses on, inside the shower, so who knows how much the little guy is really seeing! But nakedness happens; isn't it good for children to be comfortable with seeing some skin in a totally routine and natural environment?

Most of the "I Like You Just the Way You Are" star's fellow mamas on Instagram are totally with the star and eagerly awaiting the next months of no-holds-barred pregnancy pics, even if some are in the nude.

"Yesss, so excited for all the future preggo posts."

"Congratulations!!!!! You're going to have the best pregnancy posts I just know it!"

"You should frame this, seriously."

Mollen and husband Jason Biggs announced the pregnancy with an instant classic Insta post, and obviously we can keep expecting the pregnancy comedy gold from these two. Complete with plenty of sass from both the couple and their fans.

"Only the very best pregnancy announcements include the ???⛓??," wrote one follower. "Congratulations!"

We're with you there, snarky emoji interpreter.

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