By Caitlin St John
May 25, 2015
Jennifer Love Hewitt

As Jennifer Love Hewitt gets closer to delivery day with her second baby, the Criminal Minds actress is feeling just as great as she did during her first and second trimesters. She's spending her last days of pregnancy doing what she normally does: cleaning, working out, spending time with young daughter Autumn—and shooting a commercial for Palmer's. Parents got a chance to catch up with American Baby's May mom of the moment and soon-to-be second time mama. How has this pregnancy differed from your pregnancy with Autumn?

JLH: This time I'm chasing around a 17-month-old rather than [enjoying] the relaxing spa appointments during my first. And there's a different human in there than the first time. Is Autumn excited about the idea of a little brother or sister?

JLH: She's excited that I have a matching belly with her. She has her little baby gut and I have my little gut. But I don't think she really has any idea what is going on. Are there any specific moments—good, bad, or ugly—during this pregnancy that have stuck out to you?

JLH: All of it has really been great. It's amazing how much you forget after [your first pregnancy is] over, then it feels like this familiar thing when you're back in it. You forget about the other stuff and then it just happens again. Do you feel more confident about what to expect when it comes to labor this time around?

JLH: No, because I keep hearing that they're all different. It may be even a little more daunting this time. The first time, you tell yourself it's probably going to hurt worse than anything you've ever felt before, and this time, I know what it actually feels like. You get through it though, and what you get on the other side makes it so worth it. What is the best—or worst—parenting advice you've ever gotten?

JLH: A lot of people choose not to give advice. I was surprised, because I had this list of interview-style questions ready to ask any parent and so many of them said, "You know what, you'll figure it out on your own—your kid will be your kid, your experience will be your experience." Now, being a parent, I know why they didn't give me advice—every experience is so unique. There are no rules. Some babies are colicky, some aren't. Some parents sleep with ease, others are up all night worrying. [Parents] are so lucky, so enjoy it and have a blast. You'll write your own book with your own parenting advice. How are you taking care of your skin during pregnancy? Do you have any pregnancy skin care tips to share with other moms-to-be?

JLH: I really love Palmer's Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks and Skin Therapy Oil. It makes me feel like I have a little control over something that you really have no control over. I decided if I made it a routine to use their products in the morning and night, I would probably have great results—and I did. I didn't get stretch marks and I felt really confident my whole first pregnancy, I wore a bikini—and this time around I felt confident enough to bare my belly too.

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Image courtesy of Casey Rodgers/Invision for Palmer's/AP Images