By Alesandra Dubin
April 06, 2015
Jenna Bush Hager pregnant

As avid travelers, my husband and I worried during my pregnancy about what the birth of our twins could mean for our passport-stamping careers—I won't lie. But when we met our brand new babes in the hospital last July, I will never forget how we said to each other, "Surely this is the biggest adventure in the whole wide world!"

Well, Jenna Bush Hager knows a thing or two about how that goes.

As the Today Show "adventure correspondent," she has been embarking on thrilling journeys filmed for TV—like a roller coaster ride in Colorado (during which she squealed the code word "mommy!" so as not to accidentally curse on a family prorgam). The show's audience members had cast 50,000 votes to pick what crazy thrill Bush Hager would try next. But instead of revealing the winning pick on the show this morning, Bush Hager stood by while the team rolled tape of a pregnancy announcement!

In the home video, the former first daughter's own daughter Mila blows a kiss to her "baby sissy" in mommy's belly. Too cute! (Mila is almost exactly two years old: Her birthday is a week away.)

After hearing the news, Matt Lauer joked, "Some people will do anything to get out of a roller coaster ride."

To that, Bush Hager said, "I know! You know what though? This is the biggest roller coaster ride there is: having kids!"

Exactly, mama. Congrats to the growing fam!

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Alesandra Dubin is a new twin mom. She's also a Los Angeles-based writer and the founder of home and travel blog Homebody in Motion. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

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