Lauren Conrad's ex is going to be daddy to a baby girl!

By Hollee Actman Becker
March 06, 2017

Raise your hand if you forgot Jason Wahler even existed. Yeah, me too—even though it seems almost impossible, given the fact that he was the dude Lauren Conrad famously chose over Paris back in the The Hills' heyday.

Anyway, because life is strange, Conrad is currently expecting a baby, and now so is Wahler. The former troubled reality star—sober since 2010—posted a seriously cute gender reveal video on Instagram over the weekend in order to share the happy news that he and wife Ashley Slack will welcome a little girl in August!

They made the big reveal by popping that ginormous black balloon right there:

Super cute, right? And the couple just seems so genuinely excited—despite the fact that Wahler is rocking a big blue ribbon (Slack has a hot pink one pinned to her cardigan) and at one point, tells all the onlookers in the room who are hoping for a girl to "get out." Oops!

Much like The Hills itself, however, we think the first-time dad's antics are all just for show. Especially considering that, according to Entertainment Tonight, this will be the first baby girl in the Wahler family in 39 years—pretty cool!

"We are so overjoyed and excited for this baby!" the couple told ET. "We absolutely LOVE kids and are so happy to finally be starting a family of our own."

Awww! Congrats guys!

Meanwhile, since Conrad is preggers—as is fellow castmate Whitney Port—and Audrina Patridge just gave birth to a baby girl back in June, can we expect to see The Hills 2.0: The Next Generation some time around 2034? Probably about as much of a chance as, say, an aspiring fashion designer choosing her man over a potentially life-changing work trip to the City of Lights.

In other words, never say never.

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