James Van Der Beek Is Expecting Baby Number Four!

Van Der Beek and wife Kimberly took to Instagram to announce that they're expecting their fourth child.

James and Kimberly Van Der Beek pregnancy announcement
Photo: Kimberly Van Der Beek/Instagram

Looks like Dawson is going to be a dad again!

The proud papa-to-be took to Instagram—where else?— to share the exciting news that he and wife Kimberly are expecting baby number four!

"Feeling ridiculously blessed," the former Dawson's Creek star wrote, reposting a gorgeous black-and-white shot of himself holding wife Kimberly's tiny pregnant belly. Kimberly also shared the image, along with the caption: "So grateful to share with you today that we're pregnant with our fourth child!"

The social media-savvy Van Der Beek also took to Twitter to give a shout-out to everyone who already knew about the pregnancy but kept it on the downlow: "And to any of those who may have known our news, but were kind enough to wait until we were ready to announce, may good karma be upon you," he wrote, punctuating his tweet with an angel emoji.


The Van Der Beeks have been outnumbered by kids since the birth of daughter Annabel in January 2014. "Outnumbered by kids, outnumbered by girls, outlandishly grateful and thrilled. Watch out world, VDB baby #3 made her debut last night," Van Der Beek, 37, tweeted at the time.

The couple—who married in a small spiritual ceremony in Tel Aviv in 2010—are also parents to daughter Olivia, 5, and son Joshua, 3. "There are moments where we will be dealing with the two, it will be a handful and I'll think, 'Well, this is about to get even trickier,'" the actor told People following the birth of Annabel.

Congratulations, VDBs! We can't wait to see how much trickier things get now!

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