By Sherry Huang
February 19, 2015

Jaime King is expecting her second child with director-husband Kyle Newman. The "Hart of Dixie" actress shared a pregnancy announcement on Instagram. An oh-so-cute 16-month-old James Knight is seen with a "I'm gonna be a big brother!" sign.

The clever Insta caption read, "So excited to announce THE SEQUEL Coming later this year!! ... #BabyTown2 - Created by @kyle_newman and @jaime_king. Also starring #JamesKnight"

King is one tough mama who's been open about her struggles with infertility, multiple IVF treatments, and miscarriage. Speaking to People, King once shared, "If I'm open about it, hopefully it won't be so taboo to talk about it."

Despite her difficulties, King ended up conceiving naturally and giving birth to James Knight in 2013.

We're excited for King's latest baby blessing, and can't wait to find out if she'll have another awesome themed baby shower and which celeb godparents she'll pick (maybe Taylor Swift?!).

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