Will the boy or girl majority win out in the Kopp household?

Team Kopp pregnancy reveal video
Credit: YouTube

They've had a boy, and they've had a girl. And soon, Richard and Louisa Kopp of New Jersey will get their tie-breaker baby. That notion is how the soon-to-be parents-of-three came up with the idea for their adorable pregnancy reveal video, filmed at a local track.

"We had the idea that our next baby would be a tiebreaker because we already have a boy and a girl, so that was the start of our inspiration. Then we had the idea of them racing and showing the scoreboard and leaving it with a score of one to one," 32-year-old Louisa Kopp told ABC News.

Suiting up for team blue was 3-year-old Owen, and representing team pink was 15-month-old Carmendy. The video opens with darling scenes of the tots racing around the track, with a scoreboard reflecting a one-to-one dead heat. Then, a pram races to the finish line. The soon-to-be big brother and sister cheer on the mysterious stroller from the sidelines. The video ends with an announcement that a tie-breaker is coming in April of 2016.

Go team!

Hey, whether the Kopps end up with a boy, or a girl, there's no doubt the baby is joining an adorable family who knows how to have fun, even with something as life-changing as a third pregnancy! We can't wait to see the gender reveal.

Meanwhile, Louisa and Richard admit they bribed their kids with candy while shooting their reveal, which was filmed by a college student as part of a school project.

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