Is Your Pregnancy "Pretty Gross?"

If you watched America's Next Top Model, you know that Lisa D'Amato doesn't sugar coat things. So it was no surprise that the outspoken contestant, and winner of the All-Stars season in 2011, told People magazine that, "The whole pregnancy glow thing is a joke! There is nothing pretty about pregnancy except creating a life – other than that I think it's pretty gross."

While I may not have put it so bluntly myself, I have to agree with Lisa. When you're pregnant, it's like your body is on cruise control. It knows what to do, even if you don't! I was warned about morning sickness, but you don't fully comprehend what it's going to be like until you're, ahem, down on your knees worshipping the porcelain god at all hours of the day. The overwhelming feeling of nausea is your new normal (at least for 70 percent of you who will have morning sickness, the other 30 percent are off the hook—and you have won the million dollar jackpot as far as I'm concerned!).

Now, I'm going to enter the unmentionables territory—the stuff we ladies don't usually talk about. Pregnancy also brings with it the trifecta of discomfort: heartburn, constipation and/or diarrhea, and flatulence. No matter how much you mentally prepare for it, it's going to be worse than you can even imagine! Add to that all of the bathroom breaks needed because you're trying to stay hydrated and the larger the baby gets the more bladder pressure you're feeling from your growing baby. And as things begin to loosen up "down there" to prepare for your baby's arrival, a sneeze or a loud laugh can cause you to unexpectedly have an accident (so wearing panty liners is a really good idea, especially in the third trimester!).

You can also say buh-bye to those perky breasts of yours, because they are now larger than ever (which could seem like a good thing for about a minute!), sagging where they've never sagged before, and your areolas are going to get larger and darker in an almost alien-like way. You suddenly don't recognize the body you've had your whole life!

While pregnancy can be "pretty gross," you just have to keep reminding yourself that the prize at the end is a beautiful baby. Bonus: once you are able to go through all of that yourself, you're going to be strong enough to handle anything your baby throws at you (atomic diapers and all!).

TELL US: What gross thing were you most surprised about during pregnancy?

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