Is Your Bump Offensive? Some People Think So!

Pregnant women no longer feel the need to hide their bumps in baggy clothes. Maternity wear is finally cute! Mamas-to-be are embracing their beautiful bellies—in clingy dresses, prenatal photo shoots (with or without clothes), and even proudly posting bikini bumpies. But apparently, not everyone is happy about that.

New Jersey's radio station 101.5 is polling listeners online to find out: "Are pregnant bellies unattractive?" I can't believe that someone would even ask that question, but DJs Dennis and Judi did. Maybe it's just because I'm hangry right now, but I'm super-offended for every woman who has ever been pregnant!

And the results of the poll are even more infuriating! While people are still happily voting on the topic, nearly 55 percent of people who have voted say, "Yes, baby bumps should be hidden."

Really?! The majority of people think that baby bumps should be hidden? This is 2014, people! Personally, I'm with the 45 percent who voted, "No—they are beautiful and should be displayed." Pregnancy—and a woman's changing body—is something to be celebrated!

Pregnant? See how your belly will grow!

Image of pregnant woman courtesy of Shutterstock.

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