Is This Guy Too Hot to be an OB-GYN? 26577

Sure, over the years you've fantasized about having a doctor as hot as Grey's Anatomy's Dr. McDreamy or Dr. McSteamy. But most doctors don't look that good in real life, right? Well, apparently in Chile they do!

Manuel Rico, this sexy 24-year-old OB-GYN internist—who is originally from Spain, but in Chile to finish his studies—has the women in Concepción, Chile, thinking about conception all right! After the Region of Conception Hospital made a formal press announcement about him joining its team of doctors, women have flocked to the practice in unheard of numbers. Um, can you blame them? He was actually named 2010's King of Beauty (whatever that is!) in his home country of Spain. Now the story has gone viral, even getting Buzzfeed's attention.

I understand the appeal—obviously, I have eyes!—but I also have to say that having someone so handsome that close to my nether regions on a regular basis might just cause a whole new set of problems! I mean, who wants to have to worry about "looking good" down there, when you're going for a check up? Or having to dress up to go to the doctor when you're 9 months pregnant and ready to pop?

And for the single ladies, who aren't pregnant? Fuggedaboutit! How could you sit there and talk about your sexual history with someone you've been daydreaming about jumping into bed with? It's all too much pressure, if you ask me! I'll stick to my female OB-GYN, thank you very much!

TELL US: Would you go to a hot OB-GYN or would it make you uncomfortable?

Image of Manuel Rico via Facebook.