By Patty Adams Martinez
April 07, 2014
Is Rihanna Pregnant? Signs Point to Yes! 26675

The internet is buzzing that the usually flat-stomached RiRi is sporting what appears to be a small baby bump in photos shot on April 4. While the hip-hop star is taking a break from touring, she seems to have suddenly changed her partying ways—which has people wondering, Is she really pregnant? And if so, whose baby is it?

Most likely Drake, who she may have been secretly dating for some time, although they didn't publicly reunite till February? They've even reportedly spoken about moving in together. So could baby make three? Or could the dad be Drake's arch nemesis, Chris Brown, who Rihanna seems to have an eternal flame for?

I don't really care who the baby's daddy is! If the news is true, I'm just glad that Rihanna is getting healthy for the baby. claims that Rihanna no longer smokes cigarettes or weed, has turned down alcohol on several occasions at events (where she normally wouldn't), and that she even order decaffeinated tea during a recent Starbucks run with her dad.

I certainly know how it feels to have those mama bear instincts kick in. Suddenly you have this amazing little being inside you and you want to make sure you're making his or her home as safe as possible. I wanted to eat right (minus those pesky donut cravings!), get some exercise in (when I wasn't completely exhausted!), and rest as much as possible (even though I had a really hard time changing from sleeping on my back to my side), trying not to let things that would normally stress me out get to me, because I didn't want my son still in the womb to feel anxious like I did. I also remember being hyper-aware of anyone smoking remotely around me—even outside on the city street, which I really had no control over. I'd practically sprint, so I wouldn't be downwind of a cigarette. When you're pregnant, it ceases to be about you. It's all about the baby (as it should be!).

TELL US: What health changes did you make when you found out you were pregnant? Which things were the hardest to give up?

Image of Rihanna courtesy of Landmark Media/Shutterstock.