Is Kerry Washington's Pregnancy Ruining Scandal? 26584

Talk about must-see TV! On any given Thursday night at 10 pm, your butt is probably firmly planted on the couch watching one of the most buzzed about shows on TV, Scandal (and if it isn't, it should be!). Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope is just the coolest, most brilliant and powerful badass who has ever walked in Louboutins. She runs (or at least fixes!) Washington, and she looks fantastic while doing it! What's not to love?

When I heard Kerry Washington and her hubby Nnamdi Asomugha were pregnant, I was so excited. Love her! Love her wardrobe! She's just going to be the cutest pregnant woman ever, I thought (and she's proving me right!). Then I started to think, How will this affect the show? Will Olivia have a love child with the President? Or will they choose not to add the pregnancy to the plot, and she'll just be at her desk a lot, or carrying really conspicuous file boxes in front of her at all times?

Well, now I know the pregnancy will not be incorporated in—which I'm fine with. But, sadly, Kerry's surprise pregnancy means a shortened Scandal season. Say it isn't so, ABC! Unfortunately, it's true. In order to work around Kerry's pregnancy, the network has decided to cut the season by four episodes, from 22 down to 18.

According to TVLine, "The actress' spring due date would've made shooting those final four episodes next to impossible (and, according to sources, writing Olivia out of the show for an extended period of time was not an option.)"

In the end, of course I want Kerry to take things easy. Filming those super-intense, drama-filled scenes can't be easy on her or the baby. The spring can't come soon enough! Hurry up and have that baby, Kerry, so we can have our beloved Olivia back!

TELL US: Are you bummed Kerry's pregnancy means less Scandal this season?

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