The Cleveland Cavaliers star was MVP Wednesday when he helped his fiancé deliver their baby girl in the couple's bathroom, using headphones to tie off her umbilical cord.

Iman Shumpert baby photo
Credit: Teyana Taylor/Instagram

He shoots, he so scores! Cleveland Cavaliers shooting and point guard Iman Shumpert delivered his own daughter at home Wednesday, and even tied off her umbilical cord...with a pair of headphones!

"On Dec 16th at 6:42am in our bathroom Junie decided she wanted to take her first breath into this world. She came out as a wonderful surprise to everyone! Not knowing I was in labor until I felt her took two ten count pushes with my fiancé playing Dr and she entered this world into his bare hands!" Shumpert's fiancé Teyana Taylor wrote on Instagram, captioning the first photo of the baby.

Taylor, who wasn't due until mid-January, went on to detail how the new daddy used a pair of red headphones to tie off the cord before the ambulance arrived, and shared a sweet message about her daughter: "She has blown Christmas away! Our family is complete. Her blueprint will be unmatched. Welcome Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr. Mommy carried you. Daddy delivered you."


Today, it was Shumpert's turn to introduce his new baby girl via Instagram. "We have successfully started our very own family!" Shumpert captioned a sweet pic of him snuggling Taylor and his new namesake. "2015 has been capped off with a grand finale! Our beautiful daughter is finally here and doing well along with her beautiful mother (my fiancé!!!). This is definitely the best assist I've ever recorded in my life. We were indeed terrified until I finally saw her hair...then the fear left and i kinda just knew what to do! Our bathroom is forever sacred lbs! People always tell me there is no greater gift than fatherhood and I finally understand the feeling. I'm not too proud to say I cried endless tears of joy for my first born."

Iman Shumpert with baby Instagram photo
Credit: Iman Shumpert/Instagram

About a week ago, Shumpert posted a sentimental message to Taylor along with an amazing picture of him holding up the pregnant beauty. "I've never held a woman on a pedestal quite like this before. I've never appreciated everything about a person so much. As we grow together you've taught me more about myself than I ever knew. You have changed my life forever. You have made a house a home. You have carried the next generation. And you have proven to me that love is real and genuine."

Shumpert and Taylor pregnancy photo
Credit: Iman Shumpert/Instagram

What an incredibly loving family. Here's wishing them much continued happiness now that baby made three!

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