Talk about twin lives! These identical twins enjoyed synchronized pregnancies...and then they went into labor within hours of another! 


When Rachael McGeoch and her identical twin, Rebecca Pistone, found out they were both pregnant (and due within two weeks of one another!) the sisters immediately began fantasizing about giving birth at the same time. They even joked that they'd deliver in one room while their husbands—who are both named William, natch (they go by Bill and Todd)—high-fived over their heads, according to Us Weekly.

They had no idea how close they'd come to realizing that dream, but sure enough, the twins gave birth in (almost) perfect timing.

McGeoch posted about their synchronized experience on her Facebook page.

"Twin Power: After2.5 days of trying to induce me and nothing working, we knew we needed to be together. Bec came up to Boston to hold my hand and I finally went into active labor. As she and Bill were supporting me, she went into labor too. So for 2 hours Bill was juggling both of us until she was triaged and admitted to the room next to me where Todd and my mom were able to join her. Bec and crew were banging on the walls as they heard our baby William born at 10:41pm!" she wrote.

McGeoch also shared that her sister's labor wasn't progressing, and the hospital staff allowed her to take her newborn son into her sister's room—Pistone delivered her daughter, Andi, shortly after.

How awesome is that? This set of twins isn't the first to experience something like this. This set of twins delivered New Year's Eve babies, another set gave birth within minutes of one another, and this matched set became dads at almost the same time. We think all this indicates how real that twin connection really is!

It's even crazier when you hear that these sisters didn't plan their pregnancies together: Pistone reportedly tried to conceive for months with no success and encouraged her sister to do the same in case she didn't get pregnant within the first few months either.  When McGeoch told her sister she was expecting, she told her to go take a test. Sure enough, it was also positive!

“We love being twins,” McGeoch told Cape Cod Times. “We figured the next best thing would be to have kids around the same age. We never expected it to be this close.”​