See how this grandmom pulled off the ultimate double bluff!


Over the past few years, gender reveal parties have become almost as much of a prequisite for giving birth as registering at Babies"R"Us and hosting a shower. And one of the most popular ways to announce the big news is via a gender reveal cake that, when cut into, exposes either pink or blue icing hidden inside.

The moment can be full of sweet drama, but it also carries a certain 'been there, done that' quality along with it. Which is why a few members of this family decided to mix things up a bit with a good old-fashioned prank.

Here's how it all when down:

Mom-to-be Jamie Ruzicka and her son are standing in front of their gender reveal cake in a room full of family and friends, when her husband picks up a big knife and starts slicing into the thing—which, by the way, says "We're here for the sex."

Meanwhile, an off-camera grandma plays coach while filming the whole thing.

"Just pick it up, just pick it up!" she yells, when Jamie asks for a plate.

The dad-to-be obliges, only to be rewarded with, well...nothing. Uh-oh! Looks like the baker forgot to add in the pink or blue coloring, so no matter how much the dude keeps cutting into that thing—"Maybe you need to dig in more," grandma advises—he is rewarded with slice after slice of plain old yellow cake and white frosting. Such a bummer!

The pregnant mama looks pretty devastated. And rightly so. But then, while the family argues over who's gonna call the baker and tell her about the screw up, a woman off camera suddenly hands a box to the Ruzicka's little boy.

"Give this to your mom and she can open her present," she tells him.

We can't really see what happens next because Jamie has her back turned, but she comes back into focus just in time to lift off the lid, scream "It's a girl," then burst into happy tears and crumple to the floor.

Looks like they got her!

Of course, over on the HuffPost UK Facebook page—where the video has been viewed more than 4 million times since July!—commenters deliberated over whether the reveal was a prank or something more along the lines of a major fail. Luckily, Jamie's grandmom stopped by to clear the whole thing up:

Frani Ruzicka: The non colored cake was deliberate [sic]. That was the prank on guests ... and the mother and grandmother knew the gender would be revealed by the gift!

Tracy Harris: I think you're right

Frani Ruzicka: Tracy Harris I know I'm right .. I'm the gram!

Well played, Frani. Well played. We're totally craving a big piece of cake now, though!

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website for more, and then follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld.