This mama-to-be found out the gender of her baby while lying in a hospital bed next to her dying mother.

By Hollee Actman Becker
September 27, 2016

This is one of the most beautiful, bittersweet videos we have ever seen!

Posted on July 29 by a pregnant woman named Taylor Masilotti, the clip shows the mama-to-be finding out the gender of her unborn baby while lying in a hospital bed next to her own mother, who was was in the final days of her fight against Stage 4 brain and lung cancer.

"Wednesday afternoon was one of my forever favorite memories I got to share with my mom," Masilotti wrote in the video's caption on Facebook. "I got to lay next to her, hold her hand and cry happy tears while we found out the gender of the baby."

We then see an ultrasound machine off to the left and hear a voice tell Taylor, "You have a daughter."

"No way!" her mom exclaims. Then she reaches out to touch her own daughter's cheek.

What an incredible, priceless moment! Three generations of women, together in one room, if only for a brief moment. Not surprisingly, the video has been watched almost three million times!

Sadly, Taylor shared in a follow-up post that her mom passed away just three days after seeing the ultrasound of her tiny, unborn granddaughter, whom she plans to name Stella.

"Stella's angel, may you rest in peace," Taylor captioned the image of her mother's hands resting on her pregnant belly. "Please keep a close eye on this baby girl. We love you more than the blades of grass on this Earth."

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