Science is a wonderful and crazy thing! After multiple miscarriages and shelling out a whopping $50,000 on in vitro fertilization treatments that nearly bankrupted them, British couple Mark and Suzanne Harper were running out of options. They wanted a baby desperately, but all cards seemed to be stacked against them. Mark had two bouts of testicular cancer that left him with a sperm count of zero. But Mark's low sperm count wasn't the couple's only fertility problem. They tried artificial insemination and three rounds of IVF before doctors realized Suzanne's immune system was producing cells that would attack her embryos, making her pregnancies unviable.

After the couple's sixth ICF attempt that resulted in a miscarriage six weeks in, CARE Fertility Nottingham, where they were receiving treatment, then suggested something pretty bizarre. Suzanne was to be treated with a concoction of a yolk from a hen's egg and soy oil, known as intralipid. The fatty acids in the combo are thought to prevent the cells from attacking the embryo, therefore leading the way to a successful pregnancy.

The Harpers were surprised by the main ingredient. "But we were willing to try anything to try and have a baby," Suzanne told the New York Post.

The intralipid, in conjunction with their eighth IVF attempt, brought them their daughter Libby, born in December 2009. When the couple tried to conceive again, they used the yolk technique along with IVF, and on their fourth attempt their second daughter, Connie, was born in December 2013. "And it's all thanks to egg yolk," said Suzanne.

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Image of egg yolk courtesy of Shutterstock.