The Pakistani artist has shared multiple shots of women's stretch marks accented with glitter to send a powerful message about loving the skin you're in.

By Maressa Brown

An Instagram collage artist named Sara Shakeel is known for weaving different photos together to create visually engaging art, and now, she's making headlines for her latest series of stunning images, which send a powerful message about body positivity.

In the images, Shakeel fills in women's stretch marks with glitter. Here's one example from last week, captioned, "GlitterMarks or #stretchmarks#glitterstretchmarks #proudowner CollageArt.SaraShakeel #art #love #glitter #embrace#embracingtheeveryday #happy #happiness#body #vision #bodygoals #fitness #woman#woman #bodyglitter #girl #girls #power."

In another photo, a woman flaunts shimmery tiger stripes on her stomach.

This one's caption beautifully reads, "Perfectly ripped body."

So gorgeous!

Shakeel tells that she mastered Photoshop after failing her last year of dental school. In order to deal with her "sadness and depression," she used her collages as a creative outlet. "I still remember that feeling of making those glitter stretch marks, and I was quite scared of uploading it," she explained. "I am a Pakistani-based artist and talking about stretch marks or even making art out of it is not something you talk about on a regular basis. ... Stretch marks are something I relate to on a very personal basis." She shared that when sudden weight gain left her with her very own set of "stripes," she decided to "fill them up with something pretty."

Shakeel's work calls to mind the work of artist Cinta Tort Cartró whose stretch mark photos went viral earlier this year. The difference is that Cartró colors in stretch marks physically as opposed to using photo editing, but both artists' work is jaw-droppingly pretty and powerful.

As for Shakeel's shimmery take, what more is there to say than brilliant -- and beautifully done! Bravo!



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