What could be haunting one New Jersey couple? A ghost? Or...a baby?!

By Melissa Willets
January 08, 2016
Credit: Matt MacMillan/YouTube

Okay, a New Jersey couple just upped the ante on pregnancy reveal videos with their horror movie-themed announcement.

The YouTube video, which is satirically presented by "Storkland Pictures," was created by Matt and Alyssa MacMillan with the help of a few friends.

"Something doesn't feel right," Alyssa says in the opening scene of the mock scary movie trailer, as she and Matt sit at dinner together. Flash to a scene at a doctor's office, where a physician informs the duo he isn't sure what is going on.

Then a mysterious car pulls into their driveway. A sign on the side of the vehicle says, "Got a spook? Just call Luke." He's there to see if there's a ghost causing the eery feeling in the home.

But their doctor has figured out what's "haunting" Alyssa! He grabs the phone in a desperate attempt to reach her...before it's too late! The scene where she gets the news is my favorite. It totally captures what it's like to find out your life is about to change forever.

A montage of scenes about pregnancy follows; Alyssa puking, her husband running out for ice cream, the soon-to-be parents picking a paint swatch for the nursery, Matt looking at mini vans, Alyssa giving in to the maternity pants. Interspersed are scenes where the ghost expert puzzles over what could be changing the dynamic in the home.

"This thing is coming, and there's no way to stop it," their doctor ominously tells them in another scene. And what is it exactly that's coming? A baby, due in the summer of 2016!

About the inspiration for the impressive pregnancy reveal sequence, Alyssa told Babble.com, "Matt thought of doing a video since it's his hobby and it was something different."

We'll say. Ball's in your court, other newly pregnant couples!

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Follow her on Twitter (@Spitupnsuburbs), where she chronicles her love of exercising and drinking coffee, but never simultaneously.


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