Here's Why Pregnant Carrie Underwood Is Crying... (Can You Relate?)

Have you ever seen the movie Still Mine? It's about a couple struggling with Alzheimer's who fight against local authorities just to build a safe home in which to live out their final days.

I saw it. I saw it on the plane on the way to a babymoon in Hawaii some time around the 24th week of my twin pregnancy. I bawled all the way through. I thought about my parents and how I never want them to age another day, and I thought about my husband, as we're just now laying the foundation for the next generation, and will some day be old ourselves. It was all too intense, too poignant, too beautiful, and too tragic for a pregnant woman to bear. In hindsight, I probably should have just played Scrabble on my iPhone.

Obviously, I'm far from the only woman to get choked up in pregnancy by things that might not normally mean much.

Carrie Underwood knows just how that goes. At a press conference cited in Just Jared, she talks about the first time she lost it. "It was the day I was like 'I no longer can wear my clothes anymore. So [husband Mike Fisher] came in and I was, like, crying in the closet and [he] was like, 'What is happening?'"

And that wasn't the only time, of course. It happened again, she said, when she was shopping for a new car: "When we went to the dealership just to browse... I started crying. He was like 'Oh, what happened? You were fine five minutes ago.' I was like 'I just started thinking about my car, sitting over in the used car section. There's gonna be a stranger driving my car and I don't know how I feel about that.'"

Pregnancy mood swings are real, y'all. (Here are some tips on how to cope.)

Now you tell me! What made you break down during your pregnancy?

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