The former stars of The Hills, who are expecting their first baby, addressed one ridiculously entertaining option for their son's middle name.

By Maressa Brown

It's no surprise reality stars Heidi Pratt (née Montag) and Spencer Pratt love to share their lives on social media, especially as they prepare for parenthood. And it sounds like they're similarly open about something many moms- and dads-to-be chose not to spill the beans on until their L.O.'s birth: the baby name! Not that they have one picked out just yet. The couple chatted with Refinery29 yesterday and revealed that they're actually kind of struggling with landing on the perfect moniker for their little boy.

"Baby names are really hard," Heidi, who is currently six months along, shared. "We’re having a seriously challenging time. A lot of the names I like are taken. Spencer doesn’t want to have a duplicate name out there." For instance, they're not gonna go with, you know, Suri, because as Spencer explains, "I just don’t want to have the same name as like Tom Cruise’s kid." Ha.

But apparently they would consider Chris, even though that would mean their kid would have the same name as Anna Faris' hubs... "That’s definitely on the list," Spencer shared, going on to snark on the actor. "But our Chris Pratt would take photos with his fans. He’ll be a very different Chris Pratt."

The two also joked --  err, well, it seems they're joking -- that their notorious portmanteau, "Speidi," isn't off the table. "[For a] middle name... It’s a very realistic middle name," Spencer said. "There’s [a] first name [that would go with] Speidi... Well, 'Speidi' is in it, but you merge 'Speidi' with an ending. It makes it a little less flashy... Speidison. Uh oh, did I give it away?" To that, Heidi said, "No, we're not using that one. It's okay."

And just like all parents-to-be, the pair is drowning in words of wisdom from their nearest and dearest—including other former Hills stars. Heidi dished that Kristin Cavallari actually offered sage advice about the whole baby naming conundrum. "Kristin gave me the advice that I need to pick my own baby name, because it’s our baby and we get to enjoy it ourselves," the 30-year-old shared. "She gave me a list of the top things that you’ll need before you have the baby. Then, with Audrina, [she said] if I need anything [she would be there], and she’s been really sweet. Both of them have been in touch with me about little things."

Clearly, no matter what name the Pratts go with, their sweet baby boy is sure to be so loved!



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