Gwen Stefani Pregnant With Baby No. 3? 26511

I usually hate when tabloids try to out pregnant stars with their bump watches (especially because most of the time they're wrong!). But I really, really hope they're right about Gwen Stefani being pregnant with her third child. Because besides being one of the coolest singers ever, she also seems like an awesome mom. Have you seen her sons Kingston and Zuma? They have killer style just like their hot mama. It would be a shame to deprive the world of more of that kind of cuteness!

I don't only want her pregnancy to be real for my own selfish reasons, though. I want it for her. The 43-year-old face (and voice) of No Doubt hasn't exactly kept her desire for another baby a secret. Gwen told Marie Claire in 2012 that she had tried to get pregnant two years prior but sadly wasn't able to. "Everything works out how it should," she said. "You can't plan anything, right? You can try."

Well, if reports are correct, all that "trying" with hunky husband Gavin Rossdale has paid off, and she has a destined-to-be-adorable bun in the oven. With two little boys already at home, I would absolutely love to see Gwen have a baby girl. It only seems fitting since she has inspired generations of females and has epitomized the term "girl power" with her strong-yet-girly femininity, kick-ass career and unbeatable style (Come on, she made wearing braces cool—who else could have done that?!).

I also can't help but wonder how awesome a lil' Stefani-Rossdale girl would be. Not only would she have fierce genes, but I'm sure she'd have sick jeans (and hair and shoes) too! And her mom would teach her—rightly so—that as a girl she can rule this world, and look great while doing it.

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Image of Gwen Stefani courtesy of Shutterstock.