Guess Which Star Helped a Couple Share Their Pregnancy News?!

There are lots of fun ways to announce a pregnancy online. You could go with the cheeky Prego jar reveal, or that old favorite bun-in-oven photo, or with all manner of throw-up jokes—or a zillion other clever approaches.

Of course, if you're super lucky, you could just find a big-time celeb to help you break the news. Such was the case for one couple who had the good fortune to run into Paul Rudd at just the right time. The expectant pair snapped a photo with the star holding a sign indicating, "She's knocked up!" with an arrow pointing to the new mom-to-be.

This would be a pretty cool thing in general, but it's extra fun, you might recall, because Rudd was among the stars of 2007's Knocked Up. See what he just did there?

It's not the first time an A-lister has helped a couple deliver huge news. Earlier this year, Will Smith helped a Reddit user named Emily break her big news in a similar way—and helped it go viral to boot!

Major props to the stars who jumped on board for these fun surprises. And I guess, yeah, in retrospect it kinda makes my traditional ultrasound reveal seem a little underwhelming.

How did you break the big pregnancy news to friends and family?

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Image of Paul Rudd Knocked Up courtesy of Shutterstock

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