Mer-mamas in glittery sea tails are a hot new maternity photoshoot trend, and we cant get enough! See the gorgeous photos for some serious inspo.

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Mermaids are pretty trendy this year. Just witness the huge popularity of mermaid tail blankets, beach towels, and flippers, to say nothing of the endless mermaid themed-makeup tutorials currently making the rounds on YouTube.

The mystical creatures have basically become the unicorns of the sea. I mean, there's even something called mermaid toast!

It was only a matter of time, really, before someone thought to use these awesome midriff-baring tails to showcase burgeoning baby bumps. It seems like the perfect pairing, right? We did a search on Instagram using the hashtag #pregnantmermaid, and the results were predictably stunning.

This mermaid apparently gave birth the day after this image was shot:

This mama's tattoo makes her sea tail a natural extension:

We love the way this mer-mom seems to be inhaling the sun:

And the way this brave mom-to-be was courageous enough to take her bump underwater at the National Aquarium of Denmark:

So cool, right?

And then there was this preggers mama, who kind of cracked us up:

Gotta love the honesty!

So why has the mermaid tail suddenly become a maternity mainstay?

According to Cosmopolitan, Brazilian photographer Ulysses Padilha—who has shot 14 pregnant women—says it's all about pairing the beauty of women with the mystery of mermaids.

Makes sense. The photog even keeps a stash of 20 mermaid tails on hand for the shoots, as well as a collection of mini fins for his special before-and-after birth package that includes two photo shoots—one featuring a pregnant mom rocking her tail, and another following the birth that includes the baby.


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