By Patty Adams Martinez

Former wrestler and Dancing with the Stars stunner Stacy Keibler is thrilled to share she has a bun in the oven! That's right, George Clooney's ex is going to be a mama, but not with George. The Supermarket Superstar host married tech entrepreneur Jared Pobre on the beach in Punta Mita, Mexico, on March 8 after being friends for five years. Then, on the same day news broke about Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher being pregnant, Stacy and Jared revealed that they're expecting their first child together too!

Stacy shared her baby news on Instagram first by saying, "Look what we've got cooking! A Bun'dle of love!" The note was accompanied by a photo of an actual bun baking in the oven. So cute! Stacy then told People, "We're an elated family-to-be! Both Jared and I didn't think that we were ever going to get married or have kids... When you meet the right person, everything changes."

And Stacy couldn't be more excited to be a mom. "I'm so ready for it. I feel for the first time like I'm really fulfilled and at peace." Aww! Stacy is due this summer, so we can expect a lot of chic maternity maxi dresses in her future.

TELL US: How did you let friends and family know you were expecting?

Image of Stacy Keibler and Jared Pobre via Instagram.



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