Jennifer Love Hewitt Had a Daughter! 26571

Girl! The Client List star and costar hubby (yes, they had a secret wedding!) Brian Hallisay welcomed daughter Autumn James Hallisay on Tuesday, November 26. The fact that the couple had a girl was as much of a surprise to them as it is for us! The pair decided they didn't want to find out the baby's sex in advance. Instead, they'd just wait till they met him or her.

At a Pampers event in New York City in August, the ex-Party of Five star revealed why she was willing to wait to find out what she was having: "It's one of life's greatest surprises and we wanted to keep it that way," she said. Two months later, she had a gender-neutral yellow and black baby shower surrounded by friends and family.

Though her pregnancy wasn't always easy, Jennifer told E! News that she fully embraced every minute of it—including the bad parts. "Your body goes through a lot of changes. You feel a lot of things hormonally," she said. "There are surges, there are aches, there are pains, there's swelling—there's all of that stuff. But it's all really beautiful because it's for a purpose."

Yes, indeed, it's important to see the "beauty" in everything while you're pregnant. Otherwise, at times, it might be too much to bear! So take a note from Jennifer's pregnancy playbook and relax and enjoy the ride!

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TELL US: Will you be waiting to find out the sex of your baby? Why or why not?

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