See why this couple is now Garth Brooks fans for life!
Garth Brooks
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Expectant parents Wes and Katy Hansen made "more than a memory" when country mega-star Garth Brooks helped them with an epic gender reveal at his recent concert.

Hansen, who is due in December, just happened to have an ultrasound the day before the Los Angeles show and had the opportunity to find out the baby's sex.

"We had a random joking moment where we said, 'How cool would it be if we could get Garth to reveal the gender at the concert,'" the soon-to-be dad told WBIR news.

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Hansen told they were thinking there was no way it was actually going to happen, though! "What are the odds of getting there and him seeing our sign?" he recalled wondering, along with his wife. "We kept telling each other, 'Don't expect anything, because it's probably not going to happen,'" he added. In fact, Katy wanted to just open the envelope containing the sonogram and find out.

But the self-professed huge Garth Brooks fans decided to stick it out and see if Brooks would spot the sign they made that said, "Working on a full house—Girl? Boy?" And in the end, he did!

Brooks called the excited soon-to-be parents up on stage and said, "I saw this sign earlier tonight. I don't think it's a song request … I've been trying to figure it out all night." The singer then opened the envelope.

"I'm so excited for you because I have three of these … and they mean everything to me," the dad-of-three daughters told them. And then, all the lights in the venue turned pink. It was a girl!

"We didn't even notice the lights until we went back and saw the video that night," Wes told Parents. He added about the attention their gender reveal is getting, "It's crazy, because this happened two months ago!" And it's still going strong.

"We were totally fine either way," Hansen also told us about the baby's gender. But now that they know they are having a girl, their plans are in full-swing. The couple is working on a Garth-themed nursery, and plan to name their daughter Brooks.

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"She will definitely know the story," Hansen says. Oh, and Brooks is planning to pay for baby Brooks' college education, just as long as he is still kicking. Lucky girl!

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