Fun Pregnancy Announcement: One Couple's News Goes Viral on YouTube

Our family's reaction to our pregnancy announcement just before Thanksgiving dinner last year is a blur. I remember it one way, my husband remembers it another. Were there 10 seconds of stunned silence, or 30? Was it my cousin or my mother-in-law who first blurted out "Are you joking?!" (Apparently we'd had our families pretty well convinced we weren't going for babies any time soon!) It was a joyful, thrilling moment -- but one that shall have to remain somewhat mysterious in our memories forevermore.

Not so for one couple, Katharine and Kris Camilli. When they announced Katherine's pregnancy to various loved ones, they recorded it each and every time.

The pair gathered their loved ones in groups, and asked each to pose for a photo. But instead of taking a still pic, they took a series of video recordings -- and instead of the typical "Say cheese!" they went with "Kat's pregnant!" and captured each precious, surprised reaction.

The family pictured above is one example. I loved their screams! Mom-to-be Kat isn't pictured, but she and dad-to-be each appear in other clips.

The family edited all the moments together into one YouTube video -- which has over 750,000 views in just the first few days. Check it out, and try not to choke up just a little.

How did you announce your pregnancy to loved ones?

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Photo: Courtesy of YouTube/Themichaels

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