Baking pros dish on the best desserts to use to reveal the sex of your baby to your guests (and yourself) at your reveal party or baby shower. 

By Patty Adams Martinez
April 30, 2013
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Two of my favorite things in the world are cake and surprises, and those two things collide in one heaping serving of fun in a popular trend at baby showers and reveal parties: gender reveal cakes. That's where the guests don't know whether the mom-to-be is having a boy or a girl until the big news is revealed (hence the name), when the dessert is cut into and there is either pink or blue icing, or sometimes the yellow cake is dyed in the appropriate girl or boy hue.

Mini gender reveal cakes are in demand too. "Biting into a cupcake to find pink or blue buttercream is a very dramatic—and sweet—way to share the news of your baby's sex with family and friends!" say Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne, co-owners of Georgetown Cupcake, authors of the Sweet Celebrations cookbook, and stars of TLC's DC Cupcakes.

Sprinkles Cupcakes founder, Candace Nelson, agrees. "Gender reveal baby showers are an exciting way to announce if your baby-to-be is a boy or girl." But her bakery takes it a step further. "If you want to be surprised too, simply have your doctor write 'girl' or 'boy' inside an envelope and bring it to us. We'll keep your secret—even from you—until the big reveal!"

So if you've been wondering how to add a gender reveal to your baby shower, head to your local bakery. I'm obsessed! Here are my picks for some of the best designs from bakeries across the country.

"What Will They Bee?" Designed by Rose Atwater at Rose Bakes.

Question Mark Cake Pops. Designed by Rose Atwater at Rose Bakes.

A Pretty Package. Designed by Rose Atwater at Rose Bakes.

Rubber Ducky cupcakes. Designed by Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne at Georgetown Cupcake.

Pregnant Belly. Designed by Lauri Ditunno at Cake Alchemy.

A Spring Arrival. Designed by Lauri Ditunno at Cake Alchemy.

All Things Baby. Designed by Candace Nelson at Sprinkles Cupcakes.

He? She? Open & See. Designed by Pam Hembree at Batter and Buttercream Custom Cakes.

Swirls. Designed by Magnolia Bakery.

"It's a ?" Designed by Kim Claisse Tolson at Love At First Bite Cakes.

Back to Nature. Designed by Shawna McGreevy at McGreevy Cakes.

Precious Present. Designed by Shawna McGreevy at McGreevy Cakes.


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