'Flipping Out' Stars Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward Are Expecting a Daughter!

'Flipping Out' Stars Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward revealed on Instagram that their baby conceived via surrogate is going to be a girl.

"Flipping Out" stars Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward announced they are expecting their first child via surrogate this fall—and we can only imagine how amazing that baby nursery is going to be!

Over the weekend, Jeff—who said he's "excited, but also a little terrified"—took to Instagram to reveal the sex of the baby, posting an image of him and Gage standing in front of an oversize nest of eggs with the caption: "One's about to hatch and it's a girl!"

Awww... congrats, guys!

If you watch the show, then you know the couple have spent years trying to adopt before deciding to go the surrogacy route. "This has been a three or four year process for us," Jeff told People. "There were so many obstacles along the way, but there's a happy ending. I can't tell you how grateful and appreciative we are."

The couple previously announced that their six embryos had successfully been implanted by sharing a picture of their creative holiday card with Jeff's 300,000-plus followers.

Are you now trying to figure out which embryo it was, like I am?

Meanwhile, Jeff told People that Gage is already barreling through his third baby book, while he copped to not yet reading a single baby-related thing. "I will probably just wing it," he said. "I'm a last-minute kind of guy, so in that final hour, I will probably be speed-reading and just kind of pulling out the highlights, where Gage will already be the expert."

Solid plan. Though I'm willing to bet the obsessive-compulsive flipper is taking a decidedly different approach when it comes to tricking out his daughter's new digs.

"We're going to end up redoing this little girl's room like a hundred times," Lewis told People. "But right now, I want just a really soft, soothing, calm room, especially with all the drama and activity around here, I just want this room to be like a sanctuary for her."

Fingers crossed we get to see at least part of the renovation in action when the new season of "Flipping Out" premiers this summer!

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