Chontel Duncan just welcomed her second baby, and she's here to make one thing clear: No two pregnancies are alike...even if the same woman experiences them!


Chontel Duncan became something of a symbol for the idea that no two pregnancies are exactly alike while she was expecting her first baby. The mom is insanely fit, and she stayed that way through her pregnancy—while people slammed the mom's lean body and small baby bump, she fought for the notion that pregnancy doesn't always look a certain way through her candid Instagram posts.

Now, just after welcoming her second baby, the mom is making the same point—but the baby bump isn't the focus this time.  Because as anyone who has ever been pregnant will tell ya...carrying a baby doesn't just lead to changes in your belly size!

Duncan highlighted one of the wackier side effects of pregnancy in a recent post, which is all about prenatal swelling. The mama shared a side-by-side shot featuring her super puffy feet during her first pregnancy next to her feet during her second pregnancy, when they didn't swell at all.

How crazy is that? it just goes to show, every pregnancy is unique. The experience is nothing if not unpredictable!

People are so quick to judge pregnant women: Some ladies are told they're too small, others hear that they're too big. While people will slam fit mamas for "working out too much," they'll also criticize women crippled by morning sickness and fatigue for being "lazy." But we say, lay off! Remember that experience of pregnancy can look and feel any number of ways...and even when they affect the same woman, no two pregnancies will ever be identical.