Expecting daughter

When you're pregnant, you have to get used to people constantly asking you whether you're having a boy or a girl, because inquiring minds want to know! And when it's too early for the doctor to tell you, family, friends and complete strangers all have a theory based on whether your bump is sitting high or low, when you conceived, what foods you're craving yours and your guy's astrological signs—the craziest stuff imaginable!

Well, when you're a reality star like Kim Kardashian, who has opened up your entire life to the cameras, of course people are more than just a little curious. But Kim and her future-baby daddy, Kanye West, have been hush-hush about whether they're expecting a boy or girl—until now.

For months, there has been speculation. In February, Us Weekly reported a source close to Kim spilled the beans that she was having a daughter. But then all signs pointed to her having a son: Kim's bump was sitting low, she must be having a boy! Kim's BFFL, Jonathan Cheban, is photographed buying a blue teddy bear—it's a boy! Stepdad Bruce Jenner slips and reveals it's a boy by saying, "Motherhood is...all of a sudden this little guy comes..." then recovers by saying, "Or gal comes out...and boy your life changes forever."

Without even saying a word, Kim seems to have let the cat, er baby, out of the bag by way of her shower invitations. E! News reports (and they should know since Keeping Up With the Kardashians is on the network!) that the invites to Kim's June 2 baby shower included a music box that played Kanye's tune "Hey Mama" while a mini ballerina twirled. Doesn't sound like a boy-themed bash to me! Kanye has said all along he's wanted a girl, and Kim is as girly as they get, so it sounds like the perfect fit for the pair.

And in other baby news, TMZ reports that Kim and the baby will be going out on tour with Kanye this fall, and she has already requested cribs and soundproof hotel rooms for every stop on the tour. It sounds like it's getting down to crunch time on Kimye's cutie, and she is going to be just as big of a globetrotter as both of her parents. I can't wait to see her tiny wardrobe. I'm expecting a lot of Givenchy in her future!

Tell us: Did you guess Kim was having a girl? Have people tried to predict what you're having? Share your stories in the comments below. 

Image of Kim Kardashian via Twitter.