In this creative pregnancy announcement, a deputy husband pulls over his wife and gets a surprise when she reveals there's a baby on board!
deputy pregnancy announcement
Credit: OC Sheriff/YouTube

Looks like backup is on the way for California couple Mike and De Anne Wigginton, who both work with the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

The deputy duo came up with a pretty clever way to announce that they're expecting, which involved Mike pretending to pull De Anne over for a carpool lane violation.

"You've got to be kidding me right now," De Anne deadpans on camera as her husband approaches the car. "What are you doing? Seriously, who else gets pulled over by their husband? I'm trying to get to work."

"Excuse me, ma'am," Mike replies, all serious. "I pulled you over to today for violation of California vehicle code 21-6-55. You know what that one is."

De Anne calmly explains that she's actually not in violation of riding alone in the carpool lane, then hands over her "license and registration."

As Mike inspects the paperwork and says "Ma'am, I stand corrected,' it starts to becomes clear that De Anne is not actually alone in the car because she's got a future rookie on board—this lady in blue is knocked up, which means she won't be getting locked up!

Mike then flips the paper around and both proud parents hold it up so we call see that it reads, "Baby Wigginton arriving September 2016."

Good one, guys!

The couple said they were inspired to create the video because they didn't have the chance to do it during De Anne's first pregnancy, since Mike was deployed with the Marines.

"De Anne took the opportunity for our second and wrangled me into pretending to pull her over for a staged video," Mike told ABC News. "[It was] intended as a fun, upbeat reveal for friends and family. If we got a smile out of someone, great."

Apparently, they've gotten a lot of smiles. The partners in crime posted the video to YouTube, where the "Carpool Ticket Surprise" is now going viral with more than 650,000 views.

And by the way, while Baby Wigginton will remain in custody until his release date in September, that doesn't mean De Anne can actually cruise solo down the carpool lane. "Driving alone in the carpool lane IS a violation," Mike explained. "This was intended to be fun and funny, not to mislead people into thinking you can drive pregnant in the carpool lane in California."

Bummer. We think that should totally be a law, don't you?

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