In a funny new social media trend, dads are posing for their own "pregnancy photos" alongside their partners' bumps. 

May 09, 2018
Pregnant Woman and Husband Hands Holding Belly
Credit: marima/Shutterstock

A maternity photo shoot is a wonderful way to document that special time in your life as parents-to-be, and of course, dads are often involved in a supportive, loving way. You know, with their hands on their partner's bump or posing as they would in a regular couples' shoot. But thanks to a new social media trend, there's a super-funny way some fathers are opting to participate: by making it look like they're the ones sporting a baby bump.

And nope, it's not like dads are using props, like a pillow or balloon to make it look like he's the one expecting. Instead, they're posing alongside trees or doorways, using a certain angle to make it seem as though their partner's belly is actually their own.

Here are just a few seriously humorous examples of the pose in action.

Of course these "pregnant dads" can't know exactly what it's like to be the one growing and carrying a human for nine months! But the fact that they're playing along with their partners in this sweet, funny way that celebrates their impending parenthood? Certainly cheer-worthy—not to mention so funny.