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Dad's Alcohol Habits Affect Fetus Too

Your Guy's Alcohol Consumption Now Could Hurt Your Future Fetus
Studies have shown that a woman who drinks alcohol while trying to get pregnant could be sabotaging her baby-making abilities because alcohol consumption can contribute to infertility. But what about if her partner is drinking? According to a new study, if the future baby's dad is throwing back more than a few cold ones while you're trying to get pregnant, he could actually cause your baby to have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome—something that was never even considered before. (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can cause mental defects, stunted growth and nervous system abnormalities.)

Most studies concentrate on the mom's impact on a pregnancy, but these findings, which are published in the journal Animal Cells and Systems, show the dad needs to consider his lifestyle choices too. Researchers studied male mice, who were exposed to varying degrees of alcohol, to see how the dad's alcohol consumption might affect future babies. The results showed that paternal alcohol consumption can directly impact fetal development. Researchers believe that the alcohol consumed affected genes in the father's sperm that then contributed to birth defects including abnormal organ and brain development.

So it looks like moms-to-be aren't the only ones who need to lay off the sauce when  trying to get pregnant—dads-to-be should too. At least you can cut out the booze together, in solidarity. That's less temptation for you, and the start of what it will mean to be on the same page when it comes time to parenting.

TELL US: If you're not already pregnant, will you ask your guy to stop drinking (or at least cut back some) while you're trying to get pregnant?

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Alcohol During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?

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