A dad-to-be got creative with his girlfriend's pregnant belly, turning it into landscapes and other stunning artwork.
Schaffrath pregnancy photos golf
Credit: Simon Schaffrath

My husband and I announced that I was pregnant for the first time in a completely unoriginal way: We taped a picture of the ultrasound inside a birthday card and handed it to my parents.

I know, I know. But this was way back in 2001, before viral pregnancy announcements became a thing, so there really wasn't precendent. Or, for that matter, much precedent.

Not so for Simon Schaffrath and girlfriend Saskia Repp, who live in Frankfurt, Germany, and are expecting their first child (already named Theodore, or "Theo" for short). "We wanted to create some new and really creative pregnancy pictures," Schaffrath told Mashable. "Something our family and friends haven't seen yet."

Credit: Simon Schaffrath
Credit: Simon Schaffrath

So the 27-year-old graphic designer and photographer put his artistic skills to use by creating some seriously amazing scenes that incorporated his own likeness, Repp's pregnant belly, and Theo's name into the landscape. Using a mix of non-toxic and skin-tolerant paints and materials, Schaffrath transformed the growing bump into everything from a snowy mountain that he's snowboarding down and a grassy hill where he's ceremoniously planting a flag marked "Theo," to a small island where he stands in the shade and a golf course where you can find him teeing off in front of a blue sky where Theo's name hangs in the clouds.

So cool!

According to Schaffrath, it took about a week of planning, shooting, and editing to complete each image, and the amazing results now hang in Theo's nursery, waiting for him to arrive.

Credit: Simon Schaffrath
Credit: Simon Schaffrath

"These pictures show how much we enjoy this time and how happy we are," Schaffrath said. "And that's something the whole world should know!"

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