How this Florida dad felt the moment he delivered his son is written all over his face!

Jacksonville, Florida dad Noah Strunk was in for the biggest test of his life when his wife Lauren gave birth in the front seat of their car, while parked at the hospital. And the entire pulse-pounding delivery was caught on video by a first-time birth photographer!

stephanie knowles captures parking lot birth
Credit: Jaiden Photography

This jaw-dropping birth story began when Lauren began experiencing contractions, and the couple headed to the hospital. Stephanie Knowles of Jaiden Photography followed them to St. Vincent's Medical Center, not wanting to miss a thing. How fortuitous that would turn out to be!

Because when the soon-to-be second-time dad (the Strunks also have a 3-year-old son) drove into the wrong entrance of the hospital, he had to pull over.

"Within minutes of putting the car in park, Noah ran to the side where Lauren was and she said, 'You have to deliver this baby!' And that he did!" Knowles recounted to

stephanie knowles captures birth in parking lot
Credit: Jaiden Photography

"Both of them together did amazing," Knowles also told us, adding that in that moment, "I grabbed my camera and ran to the side contemplating setting down my camera to help or to start shooting. I decided to stand back and let it all happen."

stephanie knowles birth photo
Credit: Jaiden Photography

Mom and baby Parker are doing well following the dramatic birth! Oh, and Dad has recovered from his shock, too!

stephanie knowles
Credit: Jaiden Photography

Congratulations to the new family-of-four. Here's hoping the drama has subsided for now.

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