Warning: Your jaw will drop when you see the length this dad went to to reveal whether he and his wife are expecting a boy or a girl.

By Melissa Willets

One California dad and his friends spent three full days setting up basically the most elaborate baby gender reveal in history. You can see the entire Dr. Emmett Brown-esque sequence on the Dude Dad Vlog by Taylor Calmus. Just prepare to be amazed—as well as a little impressed that Calmus' wife Heidi was willing to go along with the whole thing!

According to The Huffington PostHeidi was actually out of town when her hubby and his buddies set up a Rube Goldberg Machine that spanned multiple levels of their home and utilized toys, books, golf balls, tools, rope, kitchen appliances, and more to help reveal the big news.


The super-elaborate contraption, which was set in motion by the couple's 14-month-old son Theo, is beyond impressive to watch in action. According to Calmus, he tested it "around 50-plus times" to make sure it would actually work when they ultimately filmed it.

At the end of the sequence, the family learned they are expecting...

...a girl!

Although everything went off without a hitch, the soon-to-be older sibling's reaction was harder to predict. He clearly wasn't too happy about having confetti fly into this face.

Calmus explained how he came up with the idea for this "epic" reveal to Parents.com, saying, "We didn't do a gender reveal for Theo because we were waiting to find out when he was born, BUT then the doctor screwed up and showed us his genitals two weeks prior to his birth!!"

Courtesy Taylor Calmus

When Heidi got pregnant again, the couple decided not to wait for the birth to find out what they were having. "If we were going to do a gender reveal I wanted it to be epic. This little person is going to change our entire world, and to me, cutting open a cupcake just wouldn't suffice. Now that the video has gone viral it seems as though the relentless work has paid off. To be honest, though, I would have been happy we did it even if nobody else saw it."

Except they have. About 8.8 million times. Despite the video's success, I couldn't help but wonder about the messy aftermath.

Courtesy Taylor Calmus 

"Yes, building a Rube Goldberg machine through your entire house is very messy, but so is parenting!" the soon-to-be dad-of-two told The Huffington Post. "What better way to prepare for the chaos of two babies under 2 years old than purposely putting your entire house into disarray?"

That's one way of looking at it!

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