By Patty Adams Martinez

Whether we remember or not, we all have dreams every night, but when our hormones are in hyperactive overdrive during pregnancy our dreams tend to be extra-emotional (no shock there!) and super-vivid. Pregnancy dreams could include everything from anxiety-inducing "Where did I leave my newborn baby?" to ones with larger-than-life action sequences or blush-worthy sexual fantasies with a partner you'd never even think twice about in your awake hours (the mailman or that pimply barista, really?).

Pregnant Today host Savannah Guthrie is no exception. She shares in her hilarious blog that she's bump-deep in wacky dreams right now. "In the last few weeks, I have had some of the oddest and most vivid dreams of my life," she writes. "Every night has become a hormone-addled tour of my increasingly freaky id."

She confesses she's had the standard "Am I really ready for this?" anxiety dreams, like the ol' "my teeth fell out" and "the school dream," where you forgot you had a test and you won't graduate if you don't pass it. Her pregnancy cravings have even played a role, frustrating her when she couldn't order a sundae at an ice cream shop.

"Every time I went up to order they were out of 'my' flavor," she explains. "So then I tried the-self-serve ice cream place, but instead of paper cups they had edible cookie bowls that kept crumbling before I could get to the cashier. Bottom line: I could. Not. Get. My. Ice. Cream. In my dream, this was an epic tale of determination, frustration and struggle. For ice cream."

And then things get weird: She dreamed she gave birth, which seems pretty normal, until she's forced to pilot a helicopter, which she crashes into the water, and escapes as it bursts into a fireball.

Savannah writes, "Hey, subconscious, thanks for the subtlety. Evidently, I am nervous about doing something I've never done before. And fear it will result in a dramatic, blazing crash, with innocent bystanders caught in the burning flames of my ill-preparedness. Nothing like your inner self beating you over the head with a metaphor."

As insane as all these dreams seem, they're actually very normal, say experts. During pregnancy, you're adjusting to massive changes in your body and you're soon going to be taking on a new, very important role that you're likely nervous about. So dreams are essentially your way of handling all of that stress in a healthy way.

Increased progesterone levels during pregnancy (especially in the later trimesters) are also linked to more intense dreams, and since pregnant women tend to wake more throughout the night, they're more likely to wake up mid-dream—which makes it easier to remember all of the craziness!

So even if you're suddenly dreaming about hooking up with an ex, know that it has no basis in reality. It's just that you're likely feeling vulnerable about this rapidly approaching role as mommy and those feelings of insecurity are manifesting themselves in wacky ways. Relax, we've all been there!

TELL US: What's the craziest pregnancy dream you've ever had?

Image of Savannah Guthrie courtesy of Joe Seer/Shutterstock.



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