Their viral video is helping other parents-to-be explore birthing options that are the best fit for their family. 

By Lauren Pardee

The complexity of the female anatomy never ceases to amaze us and the latest viral video to hit Facebook gives us all the more reason to believe women are superheroes.

Texas locals, Nick and Vanessa Fisher are gaining major attention after posting a video of their doctor attempting and succeeding in turning their breeched baby through an External Cephalic Version. The video has reached up to 2.9 million views.

An External Cephalic Version is a procedure used to turn a fetus from a breech position into a head down position in order to successfully have a vaginal birth. The video shows Dr. Cummings’ second attempt at turning the baby, maneuvering him by pushing on Vanessa’s stomach. Warning: The video below contains graphic content. 

“Our midwife recommended a consult with Dr. Cummings at 37 weeks after the baby had not turned,” Vanessa told BabyCenter. “I had tried other suggested methods to turn him at home but none were successful. I was fully prepared to stick to my natural, home birth plan and deliver a breech baby in the event that the External Cephalic Version was unsuccessful but we still wanted to give it a try.”

Although the procedure would help the Fishers stay on track with their all-natural birthing plan, Vanessa struggled to relax her body which is a vital part of a successful ECV. Dr. Cummings knew they would have to move her to a hospital setting and administer medication to relax the uterus.

“Physically, there was a lot of pressure, it was unpleasant,” she told BabyCenter. “You might notice that I almost grabbed [Dr. Cummings’] hand when he was pushing on a sore spot. But I knew that I was in good hands and he was done so quickly I was very impressed. The peace of mind that came with the success of the procedure was priceless.”

The couple shared their experience on Facebook in hopes of helping others understand all the birthing options available to those expecting. The Fishers are passionate about a natural care and delivery experience and their story is inspiring others to thoroughly research birthing options in order to pick a path that best accommodates their needs.

Congratulations Vanessa and Nick! Your story of strength, patience, and knowledge is beautifully admirable.



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