This couple accidentally added a surprising twist to their engagement announcement by forgetting to crop the photo.
engagement photo oops
Credit: Facebook user Miranda Levy

It's common for newly engaged couples to share their happy news with friends and family by posting a photo on Facebook, but this couple accidentally added a surprising twist to their announcement. Miranda Levy posted a photo of herself and her new fiance, in which she's pointing excitedly to the band on her left ring finger, with the caption:

"I am truly blessed today as the love of my life has asked me to marry him. Words cannot express how happy I feel, and how lucky I am. He wasn't able to give me a real ring yet, but what matters is what's on the inside. I know that we will be happy together, regardless of material things. Be on the look out for save-the-dates! - The Future Mrs. Kelly"

Instead of the slew of "Congratulations! So happy for you two!" comments that Levy undoubtedly expected, the photo soon provoked a lot of questions about the object peeking out from the bottom left corner of the photo.

engagement photo cropped

"Is that what I think is it in the corner?" one friend asked, referring to the photobombing pregnancy test.

"Well, I guess what's on "the inside" really does matter," commented a more philosophical follower.

Levy also received comments from family members, who were clearly as much in the dark as her friends: "Honey, you should call us. Your mother is confused," wrote a user named Mark Allen Levy.

Perhaps temporarily blinded by her happiness about the engagement, Levy responded innocently: "Wait.... wtf are you guys talking about? Why would you think that?" And then, just one minute later, after (we assume) closer inspection of the photo she had shared: "Oh."

Finally, Levy decided to embrace the "oops" and use the opportunity to share a second dose of happy news: "Hey guys, we're having a baby too," she wrote.

In that case, congratulations to the happy couple! Now go call your parents, please.

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