I'm generally not the type of person who colors within the lines.

Confession Time! What Pregnancy Rules Did You Break? 26810

But in pregnancy—such an uncertain and often scary time for a first-time expecting mom especially—I played things pretty safe when it came to my diet and activities.

That meant, for instance, avoiding every last food item that might have possibly been unpasteurized during our babymoon in Italy, Spain, and France. Let me be clear: If you are a vegetarian, and you cut out cheese as well as undercooked eggs in Paris, you will eat nothing but bread, and you will look with hungry eyes at what's on everybody else's plate.

That said, I sometimes had a sip—or a couple of sips—from my husband's wine glass. (When in Venice!) And throughout pregnancy, I did have my daily cup of coffee—well within my doctor's recommendation to stick to 200 milligrams of caffeine a day. I even colored my hair in my first trimester before I realized even that activity in pregnancy is controversial (and then I panicked and called my doc and my M.D. dad). There you have it—my (borderline) transgressions revealed on the Internet!

The fact is, all moms-to-be make their choices about which rules to bend, and which ones to break. And frequently they keep those choices secret to avoid judgement. So I wasn't surprised to see that a Reddit thread opened up the topic for a lively discussion, begging moms' confessions regarding their pregnancy diet, drinking, and activity choices.

"I've been really bad. I never stopped eating lunch meat. I don't even heat it up. I eat eggs with runny yolks and I ate raw brownie batter. Worst of all, I rode every roller coaster at my local Six Flags at 6 weeks pregnant," the Redditor began, listing even more taboo behaviors before opening it up to other posters: "Leave your judgement at the door for this thread. Confession time! What have you done that you aren't supposed to?"

And other moms delivered. They copped to eating sushi, beer, wine, bleu cheese, cookie dough, and more. Some did verboten activities like taking hot baths, horeseback riding, gymnastics, and cleaning the litter box. (By the way, I opted out of litter box duties—and didn't miss it one bit.)

Sure, there are prevailing theories about food safety, caffeine, and alcohol in pregnancy, as well as about what exercises and activities to limit or avoid. But we all decide for ourselves—with our doctors and a huge dose of common sense, ideally—what's O.K. and what's a total no-no.

So let us know: What forbidden or controversial thing did you do while pregnant?

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