"I eat all the food I want to at any time," the pregnant star confessed.

pregnanct ciara on ama red carpet
Credit: Russell Wilson/Twitter

Ciara looked seriously stunning when she debuted her baby bump for the very first time at the American Music Awards last night. The singer, who is married to Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and currently expecting her second child, practically floated down the red carpet in a stunning black-and-white ensemble from Stephane Rolland that perfectly showcased her growing bump.

"I'm feeling great. I'm feeling awesome, actually," she told E! News. "Finally getting to a place where I feel almost normal. It was a bit of a 'I don't want to throw up, but I don't feel regular.' That's almost worse. You'd rather just throw up and get it done!"

I remember that feeling well. In fact, I carried an orange around with me wherever I went during the first trimester of my first pregnancy, because someone once told me that if I sniffed it, the nausea would go away. Oddly enough, I think it helped. But for Ciara, apparently, it's all about the lemons. And not the Beyonce kind.

"I really like water with lemon," she revealed. "Water with lemon has been my thing."

The gorgeous star also copped to craving huevos rancheros and acai bowls in the morning. "Honestly, I eat! I love eating," she admitted. "I enjoy it, and I take advantage of it when I'm carrying so this is like game on! I eat all the food I want to at any time."

I SO don't blame her! In fact, I often found that despite feeling nauseous, the more I ate, the better I felt! And according to Ciara, keeping up with a jam-packed work sched helps, too. "You gotta totally push through it and be strong," she explained. "When I'm working I don't feel anything at all. I forget there's a baby in my stomach. My adrenaline keeps me going, and I feel good."

Just tossing this out there...but I'm thinking James Brown for a possible baby name.

The new addition will join Ciara's 2-year-old son Future, who apparently can't wait to be a big brother. "He rubs my belly and he says, 'Hi baby. I love you, baby,'" she told Entertainment Tonight. "Then he puts my shirt down and says, 'Bye, bye baby.'"

So sweet! And even more adorable was the shoutout Wilson gave to the the glowing mama-to-be on Twitter, where he punctuated a picture of her smiling sheepishly on the AMA red carpet with the caption "The Perfect Plus One #BabyWilson."

Could this family be any cuter?

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